Why Do Many Companies Use 1300 Numbers

Majority of people in Australia identify these 1300 numbers as the numbers which are used by the businesses which allow the callers to not to pay the normal call cost. These 1300 numbers are only used by business to attract customers. When people see the 1300 numbers at the beginning of the number, people know about it,  they will be paying the low cost. So, they won’t mind calling these numbers. Businesses make use of these numbers to their benefit, though many people do so with care.

Calls For Toll-Free

When a number begins with 1300 digits, it may be considered as a toll-free number, but that doesn’t mean that all charges are paid by the receiver only. If you dial such numbers, the local call fee is applied to you. If you want the receiver to bear the charges, then you should look for other ways.

The system works in a similar way just like DNS system. There is no requirement to have another phone line or apply for another one. The system finds the number and routes the call when you dial the number, regardless of the type of device that receives the call. These numbers are well known among call centers and customer support sections of businesses. All businesses today look for Small Business Telecoms Solutions and the only reason behind it is convenience and affordability.


These numbers can keep phone communications private and this is the best advantage of 1300 numbers. Even individuals can make use of these numbers that begin with 1300, but that comes with a free. Owners of small business and entrepreneurs may find it beneficial but they have to remember that they will get phone bills at the end of every month. You will pay for incoming calls if you have a 1300 number. But you can also enjoy a twenty-minute free window for fixed line calls.