Fast, easy, dependable and space-saving washer/disinfector

Steris Vision Washer is intended to disinfect and wash all the medical articles used as healthcare facilities including surgical instruments and specific medical utensils down to the growing reprocessing requirements of CSSD (Central Sterile Services Departments). So, no matter you at a large or middle scale of hospitals, you can avail Steris Vision Washer which is an internationally advanced product.

In any Central Sterile Services Department, Steris Vision Washer offers full automation and reliability to be the best multi-chamber wash as well as disinfector. So, there’s no need to look further than Steris Vision Washer.

By all accounts, medical professionals; Steris Vision Washer specifically appropriate for application in the Central Sterile Services Department, offering flexible automatic functions and the high capacity, once you have had it in your hospital, the need for a single chamber system, efficient and hardworking approach is over! (more…)