Buyers Guide On Getting A Piezo Electric Transducer!

Devices that can convert one form of energy into another are commonly known as transducers. Piezo electric transducer is one that can transfer the mechanical energy into electrical energy and it’s the opposite of an actuator. They are found in many places like guitars, microphones, etc. if cabled or battery power source is unavailable in a certain place so piezo electric transducers can come to the rescue.

It can generate energy from various ambient sources. Energy harvesting with the help of transducers are common and can be applied to projects that generate energy via walking. Eg: imagine the shoe pressure being converted to electrical charge and used to charge old cell phones.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Them

  • The piezoelectric material could be really volatile in nature.
  • Broad range of application due to this property.
  • Can operate even at low voltages and really high temperatures thus making them applicable in various fields.
  • One disadvantage is that it has high impedance so really low voltage is generated at the output.
  • Other disadvantages are that it generates an electrical error as they rely very much on amplifiers due to the high impedance.

Well if you can keep these essential aspects in mind while looking for these products then you can be assured that you will find nothing but the best for yourself.