After effects of wisdom tooth extraction surgery

Before you put your plan of wisdom tooth extraction into action, it is important to keep in mind all the after effects that you will have to face after the procedure. The after effects mostly last for two weeks including light pain, inflammation, facial numbness etc.

The first week after wisdom tooth extraction

Inflammation of the facial area can be terrible especially for the first week; hence it will abate on its own, softly tying a cold storage to the affected area for the reduction in swelling. The wisdom tooth may lead to a gum flap over the tooth.

Why go through wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are required to be extracted for so many oral health reasons like space for other teeth, repeated infection, tooth decay and damage to the gum, and harm to the cheeks. In some cases, you are required a specific wisdom teeth extraction dental procedure by a dentist or a surgeon depending on the existing condition.

As a matter of fact, the rest of 28 teeth are generally grown up, this is why there is no adequate space inside the face for three to four additional wisdom teeth to come through accurately and they might be congested and need extraction.

The common factors leading to wisdom tooth extraction are so many. The one that is most frequently observed is an infection that doesn’t go away specifically when it is associated with lower wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth require removal procedure for various other oral health reasons as well. Some of them have already been mentioned above.

Final words

A sore jaw or stiff is another suffering coming from wisdom tooth extraction and you have to tolerate it for 7 to 10 days. In addition, the skin around the jaw will be bruised up for around 14 days. However, there’s no doubt that wisdom tooth extraction can remove all the troubles caused by wisdom tooth infection.